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Professional Yorkshire ceilidh band with a caller, available for weddings and all kinds of public or private events. We provide a complete package with ceilidh band, caller and all our own sound equipment as needed. We're used to playing for all kinds of crowds so don't worry if you've never danced before; our experienced caller can get a room full of complete beginners up and through a full night of ceilidh dances.

The band includes fiddle, accordion and percussion. As well as the full 3 piece band we also offer smaller line-ups - a duo or one man ceilidh band. See booking info for more information and prices.

See lots of live ceilidh videos on our videos page.


Dances will always be selected to suit the crowd and the occasion.
If you prefer a traditional Scottish ceilidh experience, then dances we regularly use would include:

Canadian Barn Dance
Circassian Circle
Cumberland Square Eight
Dashing White Sergeant
Flying Scotman
Gay Gordons
Military Twostep
Orcadian Strip The Willow
Riverside Jig
Strip The Willow
Virginia Reel

And by request for more experienced dancers we're happy to play for dances such as the Eightsome Reel, Reel of the 51st Division, Duke of Perth, etc.

For mixed or English-style ceilidhs we have a huge repertoire of dances, including ones especially suitable for beginners, and well-known favourites we're often asked to include such as:

Boston Tea Party
Bridge of Athlone
Circle Waltz
Clopton Bridge
Cornish Six Hand Reel

Foula Reel
Holmfirth Square
La Russe
Lucky Seven
Mary Panton's Strip The Willow
Nottingham Swing
Quarndon Hill
Snowball Longset
Stoke Golding's Country Dance
Waves of Tory
Willow Tree

We're always happy to include any dances you'd like to request. Feel free to contact us to discuss any particular requirements.

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